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Specialties "Cha-gayu" - Tea-flavored rice gruel

Location & Access

Cha-gayu Food Souvenir

Location & Access

Minami-shiroto-cho 18, Nara-shi, Nara, Japan

Telephone: 0742-22-4348

Open: 11:30 am ~ 3:30 pm
(our store sometime clouses 2 p.m. due to lack of mterials)

(Only "Cha-gayu course" by reservation are served for dinner)

Scheduled holidays: Tuesday



Tea-flavored rice gruel in Nara got its start in the "Toki" served in monk's quarters. When Nara Prefecture was still "Yamato" province, this food spread among the local populace and those of neighboring domains. Today, it is a signature taste of old Nara.

Ancient Nara had a deep connection to tea, and the area is called the "birthplace" of tea.
Zen priest "Eisai", who brought tea from China to Japan in the "Kamakura" era, sought to restore "Toudai-ji" temple through "Daikanjinshoku"; Saint "Myoe", who first planted tea in Japan at "Kyoto Kosan-ji" temple, worked towards Japanese Southern Buddhism denomination. Saint Eison"", at "Saidai-ji" temple, took the teachings of both and promoted tea throughout "Yamato" and various branch temples. Many famous tea estates in "Uji" and elsewhere come from the "Matsuji" tea garden above. (Huge tea party at "Saidai-ji" temple is performed in honor of Saint "Eison".)

Juko Murata, who came out of "Kofuku-ji"'s branch temples, traveled to the imperial capital of Kyoto and established a tea school, being recognized as one of the greats of tea.

Tea rice gruel is rich in the traditions of old Nara, the spiritual home of tea. However, it is eaten less and less, owed to today's changing diets. At Tounochaya, we preserve the elegant simplicity of this traditional dish, passed down over the generations, and seek to promote it as a signature dish of our hometown.

Tounochaya's clean-tasting and delicious tea rice gruel is one you must try at home.

-- With compliments from the owner.


In order to properly serve our guests and meet you, we please ask that you make a reservation.

If you like classical art, please let us know. We would be delighted to prepare some intriguing vessels for you.

The classical cuisine of Yamato and tea gruel, reflecting the changing seasons

  • "Cha-gayu" course
    Lunch 6,050 yen ~ (lncludind tax)
    Dinner 7,150 yen ~ (lncludind tax)
  • "Cha-gayu" plate
    2,750 yen (lncludind tax)
  • Kanzui
    990 yen (lncludind tax)
  • Mini Kaiseki
    4,400 yen (lncludind tax)
  • Greentea set
    Warabimochi or Chadango
    880 yen (lncludind tax)
  • We can create a menu tailored to your budget -- please let us know.


We have prepared a special souvenir-sized portion of our classic tea gruel, letting you share it with friends and loved ones. As a token of appreciation for our guests, we will present you with this special Tounochaya item.

  • Preparing tea-flavored rice gruel
    900 yen (tax included)
    One pack of organic Yamato green tea, one pack of roasted green tea, one teabag

his is a single serving of rice tea gruel that lets you easily try the Nara flavor in the comfort of home. It is perfect as a souvenir.
This set includes the same green tea we serve at our restaurant, along with roasted green tea, a familiar part of the Japanese diet.
Add the tea leaves to the special teabag used for steeping and enjoy this traditional flavor of old.
This tea uses organic Yamato tea leaves, ensuring that you and your family can enjoy a healthful and delicious taste of Tounochaya at home.